Township Tour

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  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
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The District Six Museum recalls the history of a community that was
forcibly removed in the apartheid era. In 1966 the National Party
government declared District Six a “white group area” and moved
thousands of residents (mostly coloured and black people) to the Cape
Flats, where they had few facilities or means of making a living.
Nowadays, former residents and their descendants are rebuilding their
memories and cultural heritage.

Langa is South Africa’s oldest township established in the 1920’s,
the Urban Areas Act was passed forcing blacks to live in locations. The
name Langa literally means “Sun” in Xhosa, the language which is mostly
spoken amongst black South Africans in The Western Cape. The true
highlight to this tour will be the hour long walk in the township where
you will be able to interact with the incredibly strong people, who
decided to take their future into their own hands. You will see how many
people try to make a difference within their communities and that they
contribute to a better future for the townships. You will also see how
some people have lifted themselves from poverty and you will see how
others are still trapped in poverty.

By participating in this tour you will not only help us to give back
to these communities but you will get a first-hand experience of their
rich culture. Get to visit the sangoma’s (traditional healers), the
shebeen (local Pub) – where you can taste umqombothi (traditional South
African beer made from sorghum malt, maize and yeast), an arts and
crafts centre and shop at a local market.

We only use registered tour guides who actually live in the township
to give you that first hand experience of township life. In using guides
from the townships and through the donations we make, we are giving
back into these communities.